Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Rabi is my title for my final year project, it's a 2D animation. Which was done with After effects.
Growing up with watching cartoons such as Tom&Jerry, Looney toons, donald duck, dexter pokemon, dragonball etc.. etc.. It made me dream to made an animation on my own.

Even though I received good feedbacks from others but I didn't get a job with it. Apparently, most of the animation company seeks 3D modeler and 2D flash animation. I didn't fit any of the criteria haha.. Oh well, come what may. I'm taking a detour and still keep my head up.

Rabi from Marlianna Liu on Vimeo.

It's a fairy tale story and dedicated to my 2 year old niece who love the characters I designed.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old stuffs

I currently work as a digital painter for casual games in my hometown. I applied for it two months after my graduation and I was hired after I showed these portraits I draw for fun during college days.

I took creative multimedia as my major and hoping I would become an animator but I didn't get the job due to lack of skill and experience in working field. I decided to try another occupation to get experience and I've never thought that my little hobby could get me a job :D

I've been working half a year now. I'm quite happy with the job and it also made me realized what I want to be in next 3 years.

Brain Juice

The concept of this drawing start with a crazy thought such as what if zombies finally rule the world? and human no longer exist..
What will they do next?

Save the last brain and make it into juice? hahaha

I was bored, and this thought came to mind :p

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sucky Day and Sucky Drawing

My title explained everything.
And I'm too lazy to explain the reasons why..
I'll just post the painting I just did this afternoon. It doesn't turn out to be what I expected and I'm very disappointed in myself. sigh.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank you for always being you

This sketch is totally different from the rest, it's more into children illustration style.
It was dedicated to my friend, Susan.
She's one of the people that always support me no matter what happen and always accept me for who I am.
Though we are far away, but we are still under the same sky :)


Sunday, April 3, 2011


I got this idea while I was chatting with my friend.
friend : if you don't like your current job, then quit it and find other company
me : I have a contract with my current company, I can't apply to another :(
friend : oh.. for how long?
me : 9 months left
friend : OMG! it's as long as having a baby

Then I started to think of incubator idea but of course, it's totally different from egg-hatching incubator.
I'm thinking about future where all countries are having war (it's happening right now) and all the men and women are out there fighting and killing. The weak one will stay as support team provides all the food, weapons or even offsprings. They will sacrificed the women to become incubators.
Sacrifice, that means after the child is born... the woman will die.

I've finished this drawing a week ago but I didn't upload it because I couldn't find the right color.
This original color was a bit dark; blue and purple, but I dislike it because it shows "sadness" and that depress me. Ironic isn't it, because I'm the creator.
I don't want sad colors but I want a bright and grand color to respect this "nameless" heroine because noone will remember her and the other incubators.

And the final image came out with bright golden color. Yea, I'm satisfied now :B

PS: I showed it to my mother and she said the boobs are too big lol!


I got this idea after the conversation I had with my friend about Lasik last week (my eye sight is getting worse).

From that, my imagination runs wild. I imagined all the giant equipments with a small needle in the middle so I google-d it. Apparently, I was wrong! (reality sucks and boring)

Since the image is already there, I figured it'll be a waste not to draw it out. meh.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mermaid's sad love song

Another sketches for today wheee~~~
It was a bit different from the previous one, less sci-fi touch I must say.
This sketch is about a mermaid, singing sad love song while she slowly turns into bubbles.

I'm sure most of you ever read the mermaid story and know how it ended. However, That story attached quite strongly in my mind since I was around 9-10 years old not because of its sad ending, but because I interpreted that story as "You can't always have what you wanted in life."
Sometimes, you have to learn to let go.. Especially when reality hits you hard in the face with a brick. That's when you have to suck up all the pain and move on.

I'm trying to apply puppet feels as the mermaid was blinded by love and acted like a puppet controlled by her heart.

It's my own version of mermaid :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan

I love Japan, really, really love it even though I've never been there.
Japan is the source of unique creations! especially their musics and arts. It filled with fresh ideas and inspiration.
Yet, what happened to them few days ago is really heart-breaking.

I was in the office, working my boring work off, stressing and keep asking God, "What's your plan for me? Why am I here? Is this my punishment?" over and over again. keep blaming everyone around for what I'm feeling right now. so lonely and sad, nobody understand me, even my parent. They think I'm a lunatic who chase after dreams which is impossible to achieve.

Few minutes later, I received the news of the disaster that happened to Japan. I was astonished, their life changed just in a few minutes. They lost their loved one and became homeless. What am I gonna do if I'm in their shoes? Will they ever be happy again?

With all the mixed emotions going on, lonely, sad, astonished, anger.. I poured them out on a piece of paper.

Life is unfair. Even though my parent doesn't understand me, but at least they love me unconditionally. And I should stop questioning God. He has His own plan.

So, I do hope everyone will spare few minutes to pray everyday and be grateful of what you have now.


Hey~! maybe some of you notices that I've deleted all my posts. It's because I'm not good with words and I don't feel like wanna describe my daily boring life.
so let's just change this blog into an art blog instead.
Since I always let my emotions flow along with my hand, pulling each strokes to create something.

as a warm up, I'm gonna post the sketch I did during office hour *cough*
I slack sometimes :p

I love to draw something complicated :)